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We are offering our services to companies of any size, any industry and at any stage.


We can add innovation to any industry. However, based on our experience in media, entertainment, telecommunications, banking and insurance, healthcare, hospitality, travel, education we can add most strategic value to projects related to such industries.

Particularly we would like to support and add innovative momentum to traditional businesses that face fierce competition from emerging digital media companies that are disrupting their existing business approach.

For example:

The young audience is not willing anymore to follow a rigid program offering of traditional broadcasters interrupted by advertising blocks. We help broadcasters to find ways to better engage with young audience and provide solutions relevant to their needs and to convert them from anonymous viewers to digital consumers.
Mobile operators
Mobile operators used to sell transportation of voice. This has changed, data and content is more important and now contributes most to the margin. Thereforemobile operators biggest competitors are no longer other operators but new digital media companies. We help mobile operators compete against them.
Many retailers have underestimated the power of E-Commerce. Mobile adds additional momentum to the deterioration of sales of traditional retailers. By 2017 it is expected that 25% of all online retail will be bound for smartphones and tablets. We help retailers provide their customers a hybrid online and offline shopping experience.
Consumer brands
Consumer brands undertake big efforts to socially engage with their audience as social marketing gradually gains importance over traditional marketing. Through smart conversion mechanisms, we help them strengthen audience engagement and become less dependent of the giant social media platforms.
We are helping traditional companies to successfully execute their mobile strategy by integrating our extensive innovative service and process experience. And we also help young entrepreneurs to avoid typical start-up mistakes by focussing product strategy.

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Innovative Mobile App Development

We build the most innovative mobile apps in Swiss quality and at reasonable prices.

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Argon builds mobile apps for both consumer solutions and enterprise solutions. As leading app experts and innovators we perfectly understand your needs and how to create an outstanding user experience. We design and develop the app ready to scale.


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