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We support apps to reach a critical mass of users and to engage with their audience.


Argon Networks delivers a powerful platform for brands to reach their desired audiences, driving unparalleled brand engagement, customer acquisition, and revenues.

Single login
Connected apps means users benefit from a single login and that they can also find their friends, which are using a different app. This setup in addition allows apps to share their user generated content.
Data protection
Argons enhanced security layer achieves improved protection and privacy of user data above that of existing platforms and beyond current legal requirements.
Engagement tools
A generic set of pre-existing app tools such as chatting, posting, audience engagement, couponing, offline-to-online conversion and more, are provided in the Argon service meaning you don’t need to waste time and money developing your own.
Targeted marketing
Other platforms sell user data without the user’s consent, acting on behalf of the interest of marketers. Argon is turning it around and creates marketing value by acting on behalf of the users.

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Innovative Mobile App Development

We build the most innovative mobile apps in Swiss quality and at reasonable prices.

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Argon builds mobile apps for both consumer solutions and enterprise solutions. As leading app experts and innovators we perfectly understand your needs and how to create an outstanding user experience. We design and develop the app ready to scale.


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