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You can choose between fixed pricing or variable pricing depending on your requirements and wishes.


There is no pricing model, which fits all. However, we offer high flexibility with either fixed or variable pricing and several co-venture models to reduce cash requirement.

The costs highly depend on the type of project and the required functionality. Most costs are obviously generated to pay strategic and technical people.

Simple projects can be completed quickly whilst more complex and robust software can take years.

Small projects with clear pre-set goals, simple features, needing little strategic work, developed with a hybrid framework such as a simple campaign app with a coupon service for a marketing campaign or an informative app showing selected products and generating leads start at US$ 4,000.

Project costs grow rapidly when significant strategic work with several persons and workshops are required, or when complex user interactions or features with time-consuming implementation work are requested.

You can largely influence the total project costs charged by us depending on how much you wish to contribute with your own team. You can choose to delegate the entire project to us for its planning, creation and execution at typical average prices of US$ 50-100 per hour depending on the composition of the team and the chosen skills. Or you can keep full control on any process by renting an engineering team from us at typical average prices of US$ 30-50 per hour.

Please contact us on +41 58 680 6800 to discuss your idea and what we think it will cost. Also consider our co-venture options sharing projects costs and risks. We are happy to help you fundraising if desired.


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Innovative Mobile App Development

We build the most innovative mobile apps in Swiss quality and at reasonable prices.

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Argon builds mobile apps for both consumer solutions and enterprise solutions. As leading app experts and innovators we perfectly understand your needs and how to create an outstanding user experience. We design and develop the app ready to scale.


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