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We strive to apply our venture experience in new ventures.


As entrepreneurial innovators we are happy bearing the projects risks with you as this allows us to participate on the upside and to leverage our experience.

Mobile opportunities
The smartphone use is rising exponentially, and so too are the opportunities to createsuccessful apps reaching millions of users. Today it is quite easy to develop an app, but it is a challenge to meet fast changing market needs and to get noticed by the users among the 2 million apps which are already existing in the numerous app stores.
Ideal partner
With our experience in designing, developing, promoting, and operating mobile apps combined with our experience on how to gain large numbers of users we are your ideal partner to make you successful by turning your app idea into reality and most importantly to make money with it.
Cooperation models
Besides the traditional models where a company is contracting an app developer to either complement their existing engineering team or to execute a product strategy that has already been created by the clients marketing team or an outsourced marketing agency, we are offering several co-venturing models to start-ups, small, medium and large enterprises applying our experience.
50% projects fees on achievements
Upon project setup we create measurable deliverables to be achieved within a certain time frame. This means that the total project costs are lower when the goals were set too ambitious, but higher when we are overachieving. This is ideal for both start-ups as well as growth companies.
Big enterprise meets young innovation
You have an idea and you are fully securing the project funding. We are sourcing an entire management and engineering team that we are coaching and supervising with you. The project is executed as a new company on which you keep the control but where the management and Argon participates with part of the equity shares. This is ideal for established companies looking for maximum innovative impact at reduced financial risk.
Start-up acceleration
You have an idea that you would like to realise. You may already have found co-founders. We are supporting you with everything needed to start-up a new company including organisation, legal, finance, fundraising. This allows you to avoid mistakes that might negatively affect the later development, and to decrease ramp up time significantly, which is of essence for fundraising. Part of our compensation we take in shares which is reducing the liquidity needs.

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Innovative Mobile App Development

We build the most innovative mobile apps in Swiss quality and at reasonable prices.

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Argon builds mobile apps for both consumer solutions and enterprise solutions. As leading app experts and innovators we perfectly understand your needs and how to create an outstanding user experience. We design and develop the app ready to scale.


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